Апериодика из Златоуста

Апериодика // авторский блог из Златоуста

Different Political Philosophies

Из недавнего обучающего инглишу подкаста понравился диалог.

Different Political Philosophies
Carla: Our government should do more to help people who can’t find jobs.
Adam: Be careful. You’re starting to sound like a socialist. Haven’t you always said that you’re a staunch capitalist?
Carla: Of course, I’m a capitalist, but that doesn’t mean I think the government should be completely hands-off. We pay taxes and the government has a responsibility to take care of its citizens.
Adam: Ooo, now you’re sounding like a communist. Next thing I know, you’ll be calling for a revolution.
Carla: I’m serious. I think the government should help people find jobs and pay for their living expenses until they get back on their feet.
Adam: Okay, but in a capitalistic society, you’re subject to market forces. If people aren’t buying, businesses aren’t producing or providing services. That puts people out of work. Do you think the government should intervene?
Carla: I just think the government should do more, that’s all.
Adam: Okay, but that would mean higher taxes.
Carla: Yes, we should tax the rich, the more the better.
Adam: Aren’t you among the top 10 percent of income earners?
Carla: I mean they should tax the one percent!
Adam: Pass the buck, you mean.
Carla: No, I mean we need better distribution of wealth. Are you with me or against me?
Adam: That depends on when you’re planning to start the revolution, comrade.
Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Это, разумеется, более чем шутливый пример, объясняющий разницу между капитализмом, социализмом и коммунизмом. Но в нем легко разглядеть ныненшних сторонников СССР...они почему-то в жизни такие же забавные, как в этом смешном диалоге.

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