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Crucified Barbara

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Crucified Barbara

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Femail rock band is always damn sexy!

Crucified Barbara - Bad Hangover.

I made a small selection of comments on their videos. Just look at:

  • wait a minute... good rock music? hot chicks? what da fack awesomee!? The world needs more of this.
  • they are very talented ..and of course so HOT !!
  • all women need to be metal
  • u just saw them in concert yesterday in france , they were amazing !!!
  • Girls with guitars... huh yummy!!!!!!!... :D
  • Sexy beasts. I'm lesbian for these girls.
  • They're always kicking ass!
  • not looking at the video .. therefore thought that the singer was a man? ... but I'm watching the video and it's a girl! :O
  • These chicks rock.
  • score! yet another amazing band from? scandinavia!!! it used to be awsome to be a metalhead in the USA.... now it is fuckin embarrassing!! thank god for all the new euro bands!!!
  • MAGNIFICENT ladies MAGNIFICENT trully METAL sound!!! You wild chery Ida be my ride!!!!!!
  • I don't know what you characters are talking about, this band and the video kick ass!!!! I suppose if they were flashing more flesh you might like it but tough! We need more bands like this that simply rock out...not the emo crap but straight ahead balls-out rock!
  • AWESOME !!!
  • Coooool!!!
  • Omg Girls, you're extremely crazy!! You're very amazing!! You Rock!!! I love you Barbs!!!
  • Girlschool and Motorhead!
  • awesome band, holy fuck they're sexy!
  • awesome, sweeden rock \m/
  • These chicks made me sooooo proud to be a girl
  • You gals ROCK!!!
  • mother fucker i can't fuckin wait for the new album (:
  • these girls are like..the only bad ass female rock band out there
  • I want to make them breakfast
  • I want to take them to dinner!!